"Experience, flexibility and manufacturing power shine through
every product, every line and every innovation."
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"We strive to be your growth & value partner"
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Knowlton Development Corporation

Knowlton Development Corporation [KDC] is a leading contract manufacturer for the Health & Beauty Industry, serving the fastest growing brands: from innovative niche players to international mass brands.

As a developer and manufacturer of liquids and hot pour products — from soaps to lotions to deodorant sticks — our proposition is unique on the market: to be the leading strategic partner to the industry.

Why is KDC strategic for your brand?

At KDC, we focus on adding value to your organization. Operational excellence, quality and continuous improvement are the minimum standards we offer to our customers, while we strive to answer to your brands' needs for superior management and services, innovative solutions in formulation and engineering, and value-chain partnerships.

Serving the industry from our four locations, situated strategically across North America in Toronto, Knowlton, Lynchburg and Columbus; the KDC family of companies is proud to continuously invest in becoming the leading partner for the world's most exacting brands and a best-in-class LEAN enterprise. We continuously strive to become the leading provider of innovative product and service solutions to the Health & Beauty industry.